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carvings, and more,

iCarveit came about after my continuing desire to provide a unique service/product for those who are looking for something either that little bit different or have something special in mind.


Richard was so helpful via email and couldn’t have been more accommodating

I first came across Richards web site whilst Googling for unusual garden things. Apart from the fact that they made me laugh I also live over the road from the sea and so the fish and jellyfish were just perfect for round my pond. The jellyfish was also particularly relevant as I’m learning Welsh and had just been told that jellyfish in Welsh is Pysgod (which means fish) Wibbly Wobbly. It just had to be didn’t it. If you live over the road from the beautiful Anglesey coastline then you’ve got to have a Pysgod Wibbly Wobbly or two.

Richard was so helpful via email and couldn’t have been more accommodating and even investigated the cost of sending the goods which also included the tap and water which is perfect for standing a plant on, from Australia to the UK. Unfortunately the cost was more than the goods but unbelievably his mum was visiting Anglesey and brought them over.

The only downside is that we have a large garden and could do with Pysgod Wibbly Wobblys and Pysgods that are about 4 feet tall, but Richard is such a star I bet he would have a go at making them! I would also love more colours, but then I suppose I wouldn’t stop buying them!

For an usual gift (or three) that makes you smile then you really need to get some of these”

Mrs Wendy Steele