S.A.S Carving for the Minderoo Foundation

I was requested by the Minderoo Foundation to carve a large SAS themed carving which they intended to mount outside a property they offer for SAS soldiers and their families for some seriously deserved R&R. After submitting my design I was commission and here are a couple of photos of the finished article. The carving is approximately 750mm x 750mm, carved out of Jelutong and mounted on some locally timbered hardwood. It’s been heavily oiled with Danish oil to help it endure the harsh weather here in Western Australia. ​I very much enjoyed carving this, particularly in the knowledge that it was for such a worthy cause.

S.A.S Carving for the Minderoo Foundation2020-07-12T19:51:22+08:00


I was approached by a member of the Western Australia S.A.S for a similar carving, (like the one above) but on a shield. This would be for him to present it to the regiment and display in the ‘Mess’ on his dinning out night. I of course was privileged and honoured to take this commission as I fully appreciate what these guys put on the line for us! I completed this carving within the time frame and it comprises of two pieces of Jelutong fixed together. I was pleased with the result and so was the customer.

S.A.S. SHIELD2020-07-12T17:50:11+08:00

Tibbs the cat…

Tibbs is our family cat but for many years, ever since she was a kitten, she has been referred to as our eldest son’s girlfriend because she seems to gravitate towards him and he shows her the most attention. Therefore I decided to carve this car head so it can watch over him in his bedroom at all times. He likes it so I hope you do too!

Tibbs the cat…2020-07-13T16:39:56+08:00

Baby Yoda

Many of you will be familiar with the Star Wars figures and with the release of ‘The Mandalroian’ in 2019 new characters have appeared. This baby Yoda is one of them and I carved it for my youngest son who is a big Star Wars fan and it sits by his bed watching over him. Carved out of European Lime “Sleep well young one, I think”

Baby Yoda2020-07-12T17:45:34+08:00

Perpetual Goal Keeper Trophy

A commissioned piece for Sorrento F.C (www.sorrentofc.com.au) from Joe 'n' Co, Hair Dressers, Duncraig. This perpetual Goal Keeper Trophy was carved from Jelutong  with a Walnut base and will remain in the Trophy Cabinet at Sorrento F.C with names added to it over the years. This smaller commissioned piece for Sorrento F.C from Joe 'n' Co has been reproduced, painted and mounted so the awarded goal keeper takes home a trophy for their own trophy cabinet. Buy a reproduction of this piece in the store! Buy Now

Perpetual Goal Keeper Trophy2020-07-10T11:27:13+08:00

Top Hat for ‘The Happy Tree’

This commissioned piece now sits proudly in 'The Happy Tree' in the suburb of City Beach, Perth, Western Australia. It was carved from Jelutong and has been produced from two pieces of wood for strength and durability. Each second Friday of February every year, children gather around the Happy Tree to hear stories relating to individual carvings on the tree which were originally made by the gentleman who lived at the property were the tree is situated. Unfortunately he passed away and his children decided to put a 'Top Hat' (which he used to always wear when telling the stories) in the tree as a memento. A beautiful gesture if you ask me!

Top Hat for ‘The Happy Tree’2020-07-10T11:27:54+08:00
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