How long will it take to produce my carving?2020-04-09T19:07:41+08:00

That`s easy to answer and in true Artist style, it’ll be ready when I’m happy with it! As you can appreciate, wood carving being a subtractive art is subject to a lot of thought process and preparation and I refuse to be rushed which might compromise the final result.

What type of wood do you use or prefer?2020-04-09T19:07:16+08:00

Being of European origin, I prefer Lime, (Tilia X Europaea) which is highly desirable here in Australia. However, there are many other suitable woods such as Jelutong or Huon Pine.

How long have you been carving?2020-04-09T19:06:45+08:00

After leaving school in the early `80s I have always had a huge interest in wood with making my own furniture for many years. In 1998 I started wood carving as a hobby and have never looked back

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